Karen Miller

Karen Miller

Executive Board - Facilitator Representative

Equipped with both an associate degree in veterinary technology and a bachelor's degree in biology, Karen began her professional career in 1976 as a small animal veterinary technician. Four years later, she was encouraged to teach at the first veterinary technician program in the state of MN ---a program within the University of MN located in Waseca.  This was where she hung her hat for almost ten years!  Karen's next move was to veterinary pharmaceutical sales where she enjoyed 12 successful years working for three global companies and has been privileged with lasting relationships with many veterinary teams here in MN. The next chapter in her professional career was starting her own company which provided customized training to veterinary teams so they could serve both their clients and pets in an exceptional manner.

From hands on experience in the clinic, to teaching in a highly respected veterinary technician program, to selling veterinary pharmaceuticals, Karen believes she knows the subject matter from all sides of the table and continues to want to serve in this awesome industry.  Currently, Karen is employed by Midwest Veterinary Supply and has been enjoying a creative role as their Companion Animal Market Development Manager.  This role has allowed her to utilize all her skills of over 35 years to help not only the practices tackle the tough challenges and dramatic pressures that face our industry but once again coach and mentor talented sales people in this incredible profession.

When Karen is not working, you can find her at Lifetime fitness, walking Ella, her new ‘rescue’, riding bike, tending her perennial garden, hanging out with friends or just enjoying life on Prior Lake!

The Facilitator Representative is expected to attend all Executive Board Meetings and act as a liaison between all of the Facilitators of the Chapters of the MN VPMN and the Practice Manager Executive Board. This person is also expected to participate in various committees to further enhance the MN VPMN.  Two year term.