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MN VPMN Position Statement

Update 9/1/17:

At our meeting with Mr. Benson, we expressed concern that the Veterinary Practice Manager Program through VHA was being marketed as a replacement service for professional Practice Managers who cost too much. As of 8/28/17, the description on their website continued to retain that language. We sent an updated letter, which you may read here. 

Update 3/15/17:

Members of the Board had a promising meeting with Jeff Benson, Executive Director of VHA to discuss VHA’s practice management program and our response to their letter to members.  He had received our position statement and he immediately reached out to us to discuss. Our objection was primarily to the name of the program and the letter contained the implication that Practice Managers can be replaced for a fraction of the cost.  Mr. Benson was in agreement that the letter was worded in such a way that one could get that message.  

We agree that the services they are offering are needed and can be beneficial to practices that need them, however they are not “practice managers”.  Our suggestion was to call the program Administrative Support Services to better identify the focus of the program and its offering.Mr. Benson will meet with the Director of Business Services to relay our feedback and work to correct the misunderstanding.  They have their annual meeting tomorrow night and we expect they will clarify the program and it’s role in a veterinary practice.

The MN VPMN has taken a position on the recently introduced program VHA indicated they will be launching to train and contract practice managers for hospitals. As an organization that has worked diligently over the past 20+ years to be recognized as professionals in the veterinary industry, we feel this invalidates the role we play in running and growing practices. To see the VHA letter, read here.




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