Lora Steiner, Practice Manager of the Year

Meet your practice manager of the year, 2017!

Lora Steiner is the Practice Manager of Brooklyn Park Pet Hospital

Lora received TWO nomination letters!

Nomination 1
Lora and I have been in a chapter group for over 15 years. She is an effective communicator. Lora is able to articulate different ideas and protocols she has implemented at her practice. One that stands out is her Wellness Plan. She indicated this over 3 years ago and shared with us the ups and downs. Overall, it was and is very successful for her practice. This has generated extra income and leveled off their cash flow all year long. She was the instrumental person from conception to training her staff and upsetting it to clients.
She wasn’t happy with any of the commercial plans available and created one that worked for her practice from scratch, including the tools to market it!
I respect Lora as a practice manager and fellow chapter member, she attends all out meetings and CE events. Please strongly consider her for the PMOTY award.
Nomination 2:
Lora is a very personable manager and has the trust and loyalty from the entire staff. She handles conflicts well and think s outside of the box to make sure that each team member is given duties that fit their strengths and interests. She is in charge of running the entire practice (including Human Resources, inventory management, advertising, information technology, etc) but she delegates some of the tasks to other staff members, which both allows her to concentrate on bigger picture items and allows staff members to grow in their positions. She is flexible with her time, and because she is trained in all aspects of the clinic, she can fill in when needed due to short staffing.
In addition, she runs the semi-monthly staff meetings that are efficient, positive and fun. They are run in according to a pre-set plan and everyone is given an opportunity to talk. We have safety or customer service training at almost every staff meeting and she has been able to use games, etc to keep it interesting. I actually feel that Lorawould be a great resource for practice managers interested in learning more about effective staff meetings.
I think that Lora’s biggest recent accomplishment has been the implementation of wellness plans at our practice.  For a monthly fee, all core vaccines, recommended labwork, dental cleanings, and parasite prevention is covered. Our initial goal was to sign up 50 patients. After 4 years we now have over 350 active wellness plans.
To say Lora is invaluable to my practice is an understatement. I wholeheartedly support her nomination as Minnesota Practice manager of the year.

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